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I am a lot of things, but a patient man I am not; that said, I am a fair person. So when I overran my 2.5Gb data allotment 17 days into the month with T-Mobile, I realized that T-Mobile might throttle my

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speed back from HSPA+ to something slower.

They did!

In the last week that I have been without my HSPA+speeds, I have realized that I actually check my email less, and that with each check, my actions have been much more deliberate. I’ve questioned whether it was necessary that I absolutely look something up on the Internet while sitting on the bus; and whether I could live without trashy RSS feeds to deaden my mind.

The answer, much to my surprise, is that I am now more methodical about my approach to email checking. I’ve realized that while I am on the road, that offline activities like reading pre-downloaded material such as my e-books satisfy my need to play with my “devices” as my better half calls them. I actually think that I concentrate more on the things I need to do, rather than feeding and enabling my attention deficiencies.

Who knew that getting throttled could actually be a satisfying experience!

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