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I love gadgets.

Too often, I don’t find accessories that match well with the core platform. For example, I have been looking on-and-off for a Bluetooth device that would vibrate when a phone call comes in, that is in the shape of a pen. That way, I can put my phone in my briefcase, and just carry the vibrator (poor choice of word!), and my Bluetooth earpiece.

The other thing is that I’m looking for a fine-tipped stylus for my Android devices.

The last thing I have been looking for is a mobile phone with an in-built retractable earpiece. Why? Because I like looking at my mobile phone screen during my phone call – whether it is to enter conference call bridge number, or to look up contact information for the person at the other end of the call.

While a Bluetooth headset does the job well, I tend to lose my headset either deep in my suit jacket, pants, briefcase, or leave it behind on a desk, etc.

Since I tend to answer my mobile using the buttons on the screen, I would love to have a mobile phone with a retractable earpiece built in.

Now, according to Engadget, Huawei’s first smartwatch is going to have a pop-out earpiece! While it isn’t the same as the retractable earpiece, one thing I know I will always have, is a watch on my wrist. Since it is a smartwatch, my phone should now be able to tell me who’s calling, and if I want to answer it, just pop out my earpiece (that I will not lose, since it is connected to my watch), and answer the call. BRILLIANT!

I have had a mobile phone for over 20 years. I have to say, this is perhaps the best accessory I have ever seen that is both novel, innovative and useful.

Engadget also reports that Google and LG are working on a smartwatch that also has a detachable earpiece. Now, we can add cool, awesome, and choice to the list of superlatives describing this idea.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona should be an exciting event this week. I expect further convergence between traditional “enterprise” features and “consumer” features: thereby pushing Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) into the enterprise.