Enterprise Cloud File Sharing Converge with Enterprise Collaboration Software

As enterprise cloud file sharing applications evolve as collaboration platforms, they are taking on many of the best features of other collaboration applications. These include:
• Enterprise social networks
• Enterprise content management
• Digital asset management
• Enterprise search
In addition, consumerization is exerting a heavy influence on enterprise cloud file sharing products, leading to increased automation of the more irritating but necessary functions of managing documents and other types of content, such as check-in and check-out.

Beyond Store and Share: Cloud File Sharing Services Go Enterprise

Executive Summary
Cloud file sharing services have become common consumer and SMB tools. Large enterprises, however, have been wary of these products, because they have not met security and access control requirements. A new generation of enterprise cloud file sharing products is causing IT departments to feel less skittish about these services. These products go beyond simple sync and share and meet the needs of large enterprises.
Some new features that encourage larger enterprises to adopt these services are:
• Rules-based synchronization.
• Hybrid cloud and on-premise storage.
• Management of local copies of documents.
• More mature sharing and access controls.
• Safe sharing outside the company network.