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Here at Neuralytix, we pride ourselves in being innovative in pursuit of our clients’ success. We strive to deliver contemporary and relevant research. For example, we don’t create subscriptions based around content. It has become a running joke amongst IT analysts, how little clients tap the research in their subscriptions. Instead, Neuralytix believes in an open, inclusive model that allows anyone to access the majority of our content. This gives access to our research for both IT professionals and vendors either free or using an on-demand model. Last year, we launched special programs for emerging vendors designed to make accessing analyst services more affordable. We called this our Innovator’s Program and it provides an affordable package for many emerging vendors.

Today, we are glad announce another step forward in bringing innovative and relevant research-oriented programs to our clients and the IT marketplace. In the upcoming week, we will be releasing two new research papers based on an analysis of social and digital media data. We have partnered with Blab, and using their Blab Predicts software, we monitored social and digital media conversations for interesting topics and patterns during SAP SAPPHIRE Now 2014. We started by looking at which major messages were picked up in social and digital media. Then, using the predictive capabilities of the software, we determined which messages were “sticky” for two or three days after a keynote or once the event was over. Combining the data from Blab with Neuralytix’s insights into the software market allowed us to identify how different digital communication channels were transmitting messages and creating engagement for SAP as well as the interplay between SAP and its partners in the social and digital media sphere.

Why is Neuralytix doing this? The answer is simple: Neuralytix can provide the most up-to-date analyses on the impact of the vision being articulated by our clients. This insight helps us to advise our clients in the best approaches to messaging channels, topics, and go-to-market strategies. Deciding on what constitutes real value for customers in emerging markets is hard. Social and digital media, including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, video from outlets such as YouTube, and RSS newsfeeds, delivers raw customer and partner data. If mined correctly, social and digital media data allows an analyst to see what customers and partners are saying, and which topics really bring about serious engagement.

We chose to focus on SAP SAPPHIRE Now 2014 since it was an event that we predicted would generate a lot of different conversations. The same methods can also be applied to product launches, marketing campaigns, or any instance where intervention or insights into customer behavior may generate a better outcome. It also provides Neuralytix and our clients with a “here and now” view of the market, consistent with our charter of delivering contemporary and relevant research. The big advantage to our clients is that we can provide immediate analysis and actionable insights. That means Neuralytix can help clients to detect and intervene in market events to affect a better outcome. We anticipate that in the next conference season, we can leverage this approach to helping our clients fine-tune their message in near real-time during an event to capture the most amplification from their event.

This is a new form of value for our clients.

At the moment, this is a pilot program. There’s a lot to learn about what can be found in online conversations that add value to our clients and our readers. Over the next few months, we will be developing more reports based on social and digital media analysis. It is all part of the Neuralytix commitment to providing contemporary, relevant and innovative research to our clients, readers, and the IT market.

Neuralytix is, once again, giving the IT industry something new to think about.