Online Storage Vendors – Winners or Losers


This content is over 24 months old. While the research and opinions expressed by Neuralytix was valid when published, readers should not rely on the applicability of the content in the context of today’s market.

At Neuralytix, we have been debating whether or not online storage vendors actually make money. So far, the mass consensus is NO; and that they will never get to a point where that part of that business won’t simply be a loss leader for other services.

But what about dedicated cloud service providers? How many of them are actually running a profit (or even cash flow positive)? A recent article on The Street reminded us that Apple and Dropbox are moving away from AWS – Dropbox in particular, is moving their data on-premise (a surprising move, given the current thinking).

We are interested in your thoughts. Please comment. Do you know/think your cloud storage provider or Storage as a Service (StaaS) provider is making money? Are you thinking about pulling back or pulling out of StaaS?



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