Cloudian Hyperstore 6.0


This content is over 24 months old. While the research and opinions expressed by Neuralytix was valid when published, readers should not rely on the applicability of the content in the context of today’s market.

On April 12, 2016, Cloudian, a software defined storage (SDS) vendor released Hyperstore 6.0. In its announcement, Cloudian focused on three key areas – durability, operations and tuning.

Durability, in Cloudian terms is the taking advantage of Amazon AWS’ cross-region replication capabilities for disaster recovery. This capability has the obvious benefit for those clients that have disaster recovery (DR) needs. It is also important for those customers (particularly European or customers that have European operations) to meet compliance requirements.

From Cloudian’s view, Operations is about being able to add nodes, have non-disruptive rolling upgrade, and automated service recovery.

Finally, Tuning is about providing analytics of the storage and managing a Cloudian cluster, as well as an object locator.

Cloudian claims that it is 100% S3-compatible for US$0.01/GB/month.

Neuralytix’s Opinion

Our opinion is that these key announcements brings Cloudian HyperStore up to date with other more recognized SDS providers.

That said, Neuralytix expects that in its next service release, that Cloudian will take this platform and focus more on business requirements such as time-to-insight whereupon the data, through the use of Cloudian HyperStore becomes usable information quicker and more intelligently and should leapfrog many of its competitors.