IBM Announces New Pricing Model to Change Economics of Cloud Storage


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LAS VEGAS – IBM InterConnect – 20 Mar 2017: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today unveiled new additions to the IBM Cloud Object Storage family. The company is offering clients new choices for archival data and a new pricing model to more easily apply intelligence to unpredictable data patterns using analytics and cognitive tools. IBM also announced an expanded partnership with NetApp that provides NetApp customers with more ways to take advantage of IBM Cloud.

Businesses typically have to manage across three types of data workloads: “hot” for data that’s frequently accessed and used; “cool” for data that’s infrequently accessed and used; and “cold” for archival data. Cold storage is often defined as cheaper, but slower; for example, if a business uses cold storage, it typically has to wait extended periods of time to access data, limiting the ability to rapidly use that data to derive insights. As a result, there is a tendency to store data in more expensive hot storage.

IBM’s new cloud storage service, IBM Cloud Object Storage Flex (Flex), uses a “pay as you use” model of storage tiers potentially lowering the price by 53 percent compared to AWS S3 IA1 and 75 percent compared to Azure GRS Cool Tier.2 Flex is a new cloud storage service offering simplified pricing for clients whose data usage patterns are difficult to predict. Flex enables clients to benefit from the cost savings of cold storage for rarely accessed data, while maintaining high accessibility to all data.

Additionally, the IBM Cloud Object Storage Cold Vault (Cold Vault) service gives clients access to cold storage data on the IBM Cloud and is designed to lead the category for cold data recovery times among major competitors. Cold Vault joins the existing Standard and Vault tiers to complete a range of cloud storage tiers that are available with expanded expertise and methods via Bluemix and through the IBM Bluemix Garages.

“Clients need faster access to more of their data to become cognitive businesses with a deep understanding of markets and customer needs,” said John Morris, general manager, IBM Cloud Object Storage. “IBM’s new cloud storage services and innovative pricing model provides clients an efficient and less expensive way to act on insights from unpredictable data patterns.”

IBM and NetApp expand partnership with new cloud object storage solutions

NetApp and IBM are expanding a long-standing partnership with the launch of new capabilities that allow NetApp customers to take advantage of IBM Cloud.

NetApp’s AltaVault3 cloud backup solutions will now automatically be able to send backups to IBM Cloud Object Storage on IBM Cloud. Incorporating native support for IBM Cloud Object Storage into AltaVault solutions allows NetApp users to deploy backup data to the IBM Cloud. It helps reduce unnecessary data center expansion and enables AltaVault users to take advantage of IBM Cloud Object Storage’s flexibility, security and regional fault tolerance.

“Our expanded partnership with IBM provides NetApp customers with new ways to take advantage of elastic cloud economics using IBM Cloud,” said Henri Richard, executive vice president, Worldwide Field and Customer Operations, NetApp. “These new solutions further the progress of our Data Fabric strategy and strengthen our leadership in helping customers seamlessly manage their data in the hybrid cloud era.”

As part of the agreement, NetApp will offer backup and archival solutions that integrate with IBM Cloud Object Storage via sales channels.

This announcement complements IBM’s resiliency services including those offered through IBM Global Business Services.

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·IBM Cloud Object Storage Cold Vault is available in IBM Bluemix.
·IBM Cloud Object Storage Flex will be available via IBM Bluemix in Q2 2017.
·IBM Bluemix Garage locations worldwide, starting in April, will be able to work with clients on digital transformation journeys inclusive of IBM Cloud Object Storage.
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