I normally don’t write about PC’s or laptops. This is not my area of specialty. However, I have had an incredible week with my new ultrabook to the point that I want to share my experience.

First of all, over the last several years, I have been a huge fan of Asus. I acquired its Eee PC 901. Since then, I have acquired its monitors, recommended its laptops to friends, and as soon as the Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 came out, I purchased what I believe to be the second one sold in Australia!

When I decided that I needed a new laptop (a position in which I was left, after parting ways with my last employer), I decided that I would

look for an Asus. After all, the Zenbook had been well written up. I headed to my preferred stockist, B&H Photo and Video in New York City. I particularly like them because the people who work there genuinely understand the products that they are selling. (In full disclosure, over the last 60 days, it had not been the first time I had visited the store to acquaint myself with the Zenbook).

There was a problem! After lusting after this amazing piece of engineering, I couldn’t buy it. I couldn’t buy it because of two very minor reasons: (a) the trackpad was too big; and (b) the corners were too sharp. I tend to lean my palms on the trackpad when I type. This causes the mouse to move, and often put the cursor at different places on the screen. Also, I take my laptop to a lot of different places, and each time I picked up the Zenbook, I felt like I was going to cut myself on the corner. I knew these were personal issues; and not a problem with the design, engineering and production. But, ultimately, I had to go to my backup choice: the HP Envy Spectre XT ultrabook.

Like the Asus, the HP was equally well reviewed. But I had shied away from the HP because, as many of you know, my clients include many leading IT vendors. I did not want to walk into their offices with a laptop brand that might offend them. However, in the end, practicality was the name of the game.

A new problem. B&H didn’t have the HP in stock. Frustrated, I walked out, and found a better deal (i.e. no shipping fees, no sales tax) deal on BuyDig.com. I also found a $25 coupon that took the price down considerably than had I walked out of B&H laptop in hand.

I have used my HP Envy Spectre XT ultrabook for a week now; and I have to say, I love it! I had no idea that the innovative engineers at HP could have produced such a fine piece of machinery. The system simply works! There are no hitches (no sharp corners, and a trackpad that is Ben friendly).

While I would still continue to recommend Asus. But for my money, I am very excited about my new ultrabook, and my new found respect for HP!

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