EMC MyService360 – A Simplified Approach to Customer Support & Service

At EMC World (May 2nd to 5th, Las Vegas, NV), EMC introduced MyService360TM, a cloud-based service and support dashboard. This offering is freely available to all customers that have a current EMC support and maintenance contract. Neuralytix believes that this is a well-designed platform for support that offers customers several key benefits. Because MyService360 is powered by the EMC Data Lake, customers do not have to install any software agent in their datacenter, thus eliminating the need to maintain yet another support tool. Further, the connection to the EMC Data Lake enables customer to conduct real time analysis of their infrastructure. The tool will also allow customers greater control over the update and maintenance windows for their EMC infrastructure by providing them with the ability to schedule these activities. Finally, the tool has a very polished look and feel to it, making it intuitive enough to be able to be shared during executive reviews. While all of this is positive, Neuralytix believes that EMC will face three challenges. The first is the data accuracy. Neuralytix interviews with customers at the event showed that they currently had some data inaccuracies related to their infrastructure. The second is the integration of the dashboard with other support tools. Finally, EMC will need to ensure the dashboard covers all EMC hardware and software products as customers will want consistence across the EMB environment. For the capability to reach its full potential, these two challenges will need to be addressed.