Business Development

Client Advocates

Helping our clients redefine the future

Overview of this Position

At Neuralytix, our business development professionals are not salespeople. Instead, they are advocates for our clients. They engage with both prospective and existing clients to define scopes of work that help our clients to meet their ambitions of leadership – execute innovative strategies to overtake the competition, achieve outstanding results.

Our client advocates work with our clients to tailor a solution that accelerates the goals of our clients. Our clients understand that change is not easy, it takes courage.

Apart from engaging our consultants to create strategies and outcomes to overtake their competitors, our client advocates also work with our clients who require the services of our implementation and execution team to perform and deliver results the outperform the market.

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What We Look For in This Position

  • Advocate and devotion to our clients
  • Ability to articulate a reality-based path to success for our clients
  • History of passion and devotion towards business growth
  • Strong written and presentation skills
  • Ability and willingness to travel when required
  • Fluency in English and local language (where applicable)
  • Balance – family, success, and fun
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