Client Success


Experienced enabling experts – helping our clients realize their ambitions

Overview of this Position


We are continually seeking experienced consultants to work with our diverse and globally distributed client base with experience in various vertical industries. You will act as the leader of the Client Success team that will deliver enduring and outstanding results for our clients.

Our consultants have a broad array of backgrounds. The consultant position has no single profile. Our consultants are creative and they know that  Innovation is not Organic™. They have a history of thought leadership that is grounded in reality. We expect our consultants to take both history and future trends and expectations into account in making our clients successful. Most critically, our consultants must use reality as the foundation of everything they do. Our also provide insights that consider the impact on the people, culture, and existing processes our clients.

At Neuralytix, we take the responsibility to the technology industry very serious. That’s why our consultants regularly publish insights and perspectives that impact the industry on a global and regional level.


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What We Look For in This Position

  • Ambitious, analytical, and an addiction to client success
  • History of competency in subject matter and adjacency
  • Independent and creative thought leader
  • An mindset founded on facts and reality
  • Ability to clear articulate defendable predictive outlook
  • Collaborative team player who synergizes alternate points of view
  • Strong written and presentation skills
  • Ability and willingness to travel when required
  • Fluency in English and local language (where applicable)
  • Balance – family, success, and fun
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