Go-to-market Strategy

Success demands discipline in messaging and positioning

Whether you are a leading multinational technology infrastructure vendor or Internet start-up, messaging and positioning is critical to your success. Too many technology vendors simply take the approach of throw everything at the (product) marketing problem. Then they wonder why the approach does not yield the desired result, while consuming financial and human resources.

What is often forgotten is that in addition to the financial and human resources required, there is an element of reputational risk. Many vendors fail to take this into consideration and unknowingly, they are essentially gambling with how this will impact their long-term (and even short-term) success.

An Action Plan to Reduce Risk

Neuralytix has developed a methodology we call Formulating the Foundation for your Fortune. We modeled it on the methodology taken to construct a house after plans have been drawn up. The key to Neuralytix’s approach is creating a strong and durable foundation. Just like our house analogy, without a solid foundation, nothing else matters.


Create a solid foundation


Put a framework together


Identify the go-to-market channels and audience


Optimize your sales teams


Close more deals