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Infrastructure & The Cloud Subscription

Innovating on the industry analyst subscription

Are you drowning in the cost of industry analyst subscriptions?

Most analyst firms force you to buy several subscriptions to have full coverage of the infrastructure and cloud markets – it is likely that you need to subscribe to the server, networking, storage, management, datacenter, cloud, cloud storage, etc. programs just to have a basic coverage of the infrastructure and cloud markets.

Neuralytix solves this problem: Neuralytix believes multi-program approach is archaic and out of date. It also does not reflect the way the market has changed. Customers no longer buy disparate technology silos; instead they buy technology stacks. Our Infrastructure & The Cloud subscription program is a SINGLE subscription program that covers all the relevant aspects of the market. Solution stacks, integration, convergence, etc. need a program that parallels these ideas. That is what the Infrastructure & The Cloud subscription program provides.

How many times are you actually paying for the same information? Are you getting the information in a way that you want?

Have you looked at how many times your company pays for the same or very similar information from your industry analyst firm? Also, have you considered how much of the data is published into the public domain? Also, are long reports with repetitive charts and graph really the way you ingest information today? These questions are troubling for analyst relations professional who must help justify the extraordinary cost of subscription programs today.

Neuralytix solves this problem: Neuralytix believes that what is considered “continuous information” should be information that is relayed on a defined scheduled. We consider “continuous” as at least weekly. We believe that we should share our opinions in short, concise formats that can be consumed quickly, and on mobile devices. This is what makes the Neuralytix Infrastructure & The Cloud subscription program different and unique.

Finally, we believe that you should pay for your information once. That is why our Infrastructure & The Cloud subscription program provides you with a credit of the full price of the program* towards custom research, and includes at least 12 hours analyst inquiry time.

The Infrastructure & The Cloud Subscription Program

The program is designed to have at least 50 deliverables per year. Each deliverable is poignant, timely, and in a length and format that is designed for optimal consumption using any device.

Neuralytix Infrastructure and The Cloud is a subscription research program that provides a holistic view of the future of Information Infrastructure and how it relates and interacts with The Cloud. Organizations need to do more with less. In order to do this, IT organizations must first recognize the need to move from being an Infrastructure organization, to an Information organization. In other words, it must evolve to leveraging software-defined and cloud-based architectures. This subscription research program examines how organizations can meet its business goals and needs through the use of new technologies, processes, and people. The program also focuses on how organizations build predictable, repeatable and sustainable platforms effectively drive competitive advantage and growth.

Subjects Covered

  • Macro trends in datacenter infrastructure architectures and designs
  • Economic trends driving new and improved technology processes
  • Converged and hyperconverged infrastructures
  • Private, hybrid and public clouds
  • Software-defined architectures and datacenters
  • Alignment of new technologies and processes with key business objectives
  • Shifts in IT leadership, management and staffing to drive efficient and effective competitive advantage and business growth
  • How modern datacenters interact with Big Data analytics, IoT, next generation applications
  • Competitive analyses of vendors

Markets Analyzed

  • Converged (CI) & Hyperconverged Infrastructure  (HCI)
  • Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC)
  • Software-Defined Storage (SDC)
  • Servers, Network, & Storage
  • Containers, Virtualization, Hypervisors
  • Private, Hybrid and Public Clouds

Key Questions Answered

  1. How are datacenters evolving, and how does The Cloud play into this?
  2. How do IT leaders and business leaders align their respective objectives?
  3. What investments need to be made, and when, in order to sustain a predictable, repeatable and scalable IT infrastructure that is agile enough to meet the changing needs, increasing demands, and new applications necessary to remain competitive?
  4. How does software-defined architectures and converged infrastructure impact existing datacenter designs?
  5. What new technologies should IT organizations plan to deploy in the future, and in what timeframe?


The $12,000 credit is divided into three $4,000 credits. Each of the $4,000 credit may be used towards individual deliverables (eg. All $12,000 in credits may be used at once if purchasing three deliverables).

The credits expire with the expiration of the subscription. The credits are deemed to have been used when a purchase order (or equivalent) is issued for custom research.


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