Institutional Investors
Our institutional investor clients rely on the advice of Neuralytix. Time and time again, they tell us that they appreciate our objective fact-based research and the courage to candidly provide critique founded on reality and not just hype.
Institutional Investors


Our people have advised institutional investors for nearly 20 years. We understand what investors are looking for. 

Time and time again, our investor clients tell us how realistic we are in our insights and research. While trends and emerging technologies may play a role in changing the dynamics of the industry, we never forget aobut the impact of new or existing technologies on a customers’s people and process.

Institutional investors seek context. We understand this. No matter whether it is due diligence on an existing, emerging, or exiting technology company, we provide our clients with who, what, where, why, and how necessary for them to make investment decisions that can maximize their return on investment.

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How We Can Help

Analyst & Investor Relations

Develop persuasive relationships with your influencers including industry and financial analysts

Capital Fundraising

Improve the valuation of your company when raising additional capital.

Competitive Intelligence

Go beyond technical comparisons and understand the strategies and tactics your competitors are employing.

Global Market Expansion

Every company today needs to be a global company. We help our clients accelerate their entry into new global markets.

Institutional Investor Advisory

We advise institutional investors so they can maximize their return on investment.

Public Offerings & Exits

Maximize the value and ofer price when executing an exit strategy including IPOs and M&A.


Our expertise and experience of the technology market help founders and investors realize the ambitions to which they aspire.