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RESTON March 14, 2017 – Cloudistics, an on-premises cloud computing company, announced that Ignite 3.0, its flagship solution, is the industry’s first out-of-the-box Splunk-ready on-premises cloud offering. Cloudistics enables Splunk’s customers and partners to accelerate deployment time, reduce hardware costs, and shrink their hardware footprint. Robust product testing by a third party demonstrated 10TB of ingest with 30-day retention in a single rack.

Splunk has emerged as the de facto platform to deliver operational intelligence across multiple teams and use cases. Splunk architects often turn to the cloud to simplify management and avoid infrastructure complexities; but ballooning cloud costs and unpredictable performance have left many seeking an on-premises infrastructure that delivers the high performance and data security needed for a Splunk environment.

Cloudistics delivers an all-in-one platform, optimized for running Splunk that provides the same simple management and fast time-to-value of the public cloud; but with the control, high performance, and security of on-premises infrastructure.

By natively converging network, storage, compute, virtualization, and management into a single software-defined platform, Cloudistics delivers everything needed to deploy and run Splunk in minutes-including all the hardware, software, and management tools needed to deliver a scalable high performance on-premises Splunk cloud.

Cloudistics also cuts Splunk deployment times down to minutes. Cloudistics’ single-pane-of-glass SaaS management portal, Ignite 3.0, provides a marketplace of pre-built templates for Splunk searchers, indexers, and universal loggers—that enables Splunk to be deployed in as little as 3-clicks.

Cloudistics delivers the all-flash speeds and high bandwidth needed to scale data ingest from GBs of ingest to TBs a day. With Ignite 3.0, users can simply monitor the performance of their Splunk deployment from anywhere from a SaaS portal.

“As one of the few solution providers to be a Splunk Elite partner, we are constantly looking for new and innovative technology that fits in the Splunk ecosystem. We saw a great opportunity to partner with Cloudistics to deliver our customers a true turn-key and scalable solution,” said Cory Conway, Director of Big Data Solutions & Services at August Schell, a cloud computing cybersecurity firm. “The Cloudistics platform delivers real measured value by eliminating deployment complexities and giving our customers a high performance environment platform to run their Splunk environments.”

The combination of Cloudistics’ Ignite 3.0 and Splunk delivers:

  • Quick and easy to deployments:

Go from power-on to deployment in minutes. Just download the Splunk template from the Cloudistics Marketplace and create a Splunk instance with a few clicks.

  • More daily data ingest and faster:

Starting with a 6U configuration, Cloudistics delivers as much at 10TBs of data ingest/day with 30 days of retention and can be scaled to the largest of deployments. Cloudistics provides the density, performance, and flexibility Splunk needs to provide consistent search results.

  • Faster index and search:

All-flash storage enables consistent low latency search results, which enables the business to react quicker, mitigate issues faster, and become an agile enterprise with Cloudistics and Splunk.

  • Simple management:

The Cloudistics platform is purpose-built for Splunk, making the infrastructure invisible. Now enterprises can focus on collecting, analyzing, and responding to information instead of managing the underlying infrastructure.

Our goal is to offer Splunk without limits,” said Najaf Husain, CEO and Founder of Cloudistics. “Our customersre going from rack to run in less than 15 minutes. They are getting three times the performance of traditional bare metal implementations and eight times the performance of the public cloud at a four times lower cost.  That’s powerful!”

About Cloudistics
Cloudistics, an on-premises cloud computing company, delivers a complete public cloud experience with composable on-premises infrastructures to medium and large enterprises.  Its software-defined technology natively converges network, storage, compute, virtualization, and management into a single platform to drive unprecedented simplicity in the datacenter. Customers can start with a base infrastructure and scale to multi-site and multi-geo infrastructures with predictable economics and performance. With open and secure virtual networking, elastic storage, application orchestration and SaaS management, Cloudistics is the blueprint for application-optimized on-premises cloud infrastructures. Learn more at or follow @cloudistics on Twitter.