On June 13, 2016, DataCore announced that it has proven that it can deliver a SAN built on commodity hardware using its SANsymphony PSP5 software defined storage (SDS) solution that will provide the extremely high IOPS ever recorded.

SPC-1 validated that SANsymphony PSP5 can deliver over 1.2M IOPS with an average response time of 0.22ms, at a price point of $0.10 per SPC-1 IOPS. This places this configuration at the number three spot on the SPC-1 Top Ten List for Price-Performance. Neuralytix believes that DataCore has clearly demonstrated that it does not take millions of dollars to deliver very high performance, needed for high end databases, and multi-workload environments.

At the same time, it vindicates any doubts that software-defined storage, of which DataCore is one of the pioneers, can deliver the price/performance ratio comparable to an all-flash array (AFA).

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