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San Jose, CA, May 17, 2017 DataTorrent, a Big Data analytics company and market leader in real-time data-in-motion stream processing, today announced the general availability of the latest software release. DataTorrent’s Real-Time Streaming (RTS) applications are designed to ingest, transform, and analyze every data type as soon as it is generated in real-time—giving organizations the most current view possible of their data to make better business decisions.

RTS 3.8 highlights include new cloud capabilities for simplified AWS deployment to allow organizations the ability to quickly spin up the infrastructure needed for real-time applications and also deeper integration with AWS to easily leverage streaming data services. This release also delivers multiple improvements to drive down operational cost and speed production readiness including new visualization, debugging, alert and security enhancements. Additionally, DataTorrent announced that the next software release, available this summer, will deliver two new solution applications for fraud and network threat detection.


“Increasingly, business is running faster than it can be analyzed. Today’s announcement reinforces DataTorrent’s focus on delivering industrialized analytics applications that can combine in-motion and historical data to allow organizations to have a 360° “now” view of their data,” said Guy Churchward, CEO of DataTorrent. “This allows not only the most up-to-date insight possible and accelerated business outcomes, but faster time to production.”


To help organizations more quickly transform their business through better insights, DataTorrent is introducing a new “JumpStart” program. For $50,000 a customer can get a predefined set of architectural design, development, and training services to produce a production-ready application. DataTorrent is so confident that its applications can be built and deployed swiftly and easily, that it is also announcing a “JumpStart” guarantee. If a qualified customer is not able to get their real-time streaming applications production-ready in 60 days, DataTorrent will credit the fees for these services in their entirety. The JumpStart guarantee can be applied to cloud-based deployments with Amazon EMR or on-premise. DataTorrent also offers partner certification when industry vertical domain and locational expertise is needed.

“The JumpStart guarantee indemnifies the perception of many customers that real-time streaming is hard and smashes the norm of Hadoop being a bear to build and deploy,” explained Churchward. “We are putting our money where our mouth is.”

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