SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 22, 2017 – Neuralytix, a leading global IT industry analyst firm, announces that John Dardick has joined Neuralytix as a consulting channels and alliances analyst.

Mr. Dardick is an executive business leader with a strong track record developing win-win strategic partnerships across value-added technology distributors, resellers, and OEM’s. He is a co-founder of the Digital Garage (, a platform-as-a-service-provider and community builder for application developers.

Prior to Neuralytix and founding Digital Garage, Mr. Dardick brought 30 years of IT channel, product, vendor, and cloud experience to WestconGroup. There, he served as the Vice President of Global Cloud Solutions responsible for defining and developing the cloud vendor and services portfolio strategy for Westcon and vendors to successfully compete in the worldwide cloud services market through the reseller and distributor channels.

Prior to WestconGroup, Mr. Dardick served as EVP of Global Business Development at Verecloud, a cloud service brokerage platform and distribution company, leading the effort to build the cloud vendor and services portfolio strategy and business partnerships.  At Verecloud, he initiated and developed the partnership with WestconGroup which culminated in Verecloud’s acquisition.

“We are delighted that Mr. Dardick has joined the growing channels and alliances team at Neuralytix,” says Ben Woo, a principal analyst at Neuralytix. “His experience is unparalleled, and he brings with him, a wealth of ideas on how to serve the channels and alliances community.”

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At Neuralytix, Mr. Dardick will work with Janet Waxman, director of channels research, to deliver innovative research that will be communicated to the channels and alliances community in a unique and contemporary format. He will also consult to our Clients on matters related to margin optimization, and strategy. “There are major forces creating tremendous opportunities, or challenges, for the channel and OEMs.  We can provide thought leadership for our partners to understand the impact of these dynamics and develop effective strategies and tactics.”

“The Channel is going through a major disruption,” says Janet Waxman, director of channels research. “The days of straight reselling have gone by the wayside. The research John and I will deliver will help the Channel work through the myriad of options and new opportunities that are available to them that will help them grow their top lines and earn sustainably better margins.”

Mr. Dardick can be reached at [email protected].

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