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SUNNYVALE, Calif. – May 2, 2017 – DriveScale, the company that is pioneering software-defined, infrastructure for modern workloads using industry standard servers and commodity storage, today announced that Neuralytix, a leading global IT analyst and advisory firm, has named the company the recipient of its first Distinguished Innovator Award (DIA). This honor underscores DriveScale’s high level of innovation and creativity as it addresses some of the toughest problems faced by IT operators today. DriveScale’s products make large installations of Hadoop and other modern workloads more economical, more efficient and easier to manage.

The Distinguished Innovator Award (DIA) is awarded by Neuralytix analysts to vendors or customer solutions that demonstrate true innovation in the development of a product, service or solution and are not a derivative or a betterment of an existing technology. When selecting the winner, Neuralytix analysts nominate companies based on these requirements. Once the list of nominees is curated, the judges cast their votes and the winner is notified.

DriveScale’s technology has been recognized as the inaugural winner of this award due to its unique capability to solve common over-provisioning issues faced in the data center. By allowing administrators to manage the boundaries of compute clusters, assign resources on demand and eliminate hardware silos, DriveScale helps scale-out operators improve utilization of existing resources and respond to end users’ needs in real time.

“When identifying the winner of our first Distinguished Innovator Award, we looked for an organization that filled the gaps in the technology industry by developing creative and unique solutions,” said Ben Woo, principal analyst at Neuralytix. “The DriveScale System brings an elegance and simplicity in design that is the hallmark of great innovation in the data center. DriveScale employs practicality and pragmatism to solve the persistent problem of scalability faced by data center administrators without overcomplicating the issue as many have done in the past. It’s exciting to see not only what the company has accomplished so far with its technology but also the potential it has to drive much needed change in the industry as it grows.”

“We are honored to be the inaugural winner of Neuralytix’s Distinguished Innovator Award. Our team has used our collective decades of industry experience cultivated during tenures at Cisco UCS Systems, Sun Microsystems, Silicon Image and more to develop a software-defined, scale-out architecture that solves critical issues in the data center that enterprise organizations deal with everyday,” said Gene Banman, CEO of DriveScale. “Having our technological innovations recognized by leading industry experts such as the analysts at Neuralytix help validate our team’s continued dedication to addressing the critical problems of compute and storage scalability. We look forward to continued growth and technological innovation that enables flexibility and improved ease of use for data center administrators.”

About DriveScale

DriveScale is leading the charge in bringing software-defined infrastructure to modern workloads. Its composable data center architecture transforms rigid data centers into flexible and responsive scale-out deployments. Using DriveScale, data center administrators can deploy independent pools of commodity compute and storage resources, automatically discover available assets, and combine and recombine these resources as needed. This provides for a more economical operation, greater efficiency and ease of use. DriveScale is founded by a team with deep roots in IT architecture and that has built enterprise-class systems at Cisco UCS and Sun Microsystems. Based in Sunnyvale, California, the company was founded in 2013. Investors include Pelion Venture Partners, Nautilus Venture Partners and Ingrasys, a wholly owned subsidiary of Foxconn. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at @DriveScale_Inc.

About Neuralytix

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