Here at Neuralytix, we are what I would call “Googlized”! We use Google for pretty much everything. (Although in fairness, we do not use Google Drive due to its burden on network speeds). That said, I have had a Nexus 4 for over six months. Unfortunately, it has not done the job for me (at least).

The Internet is full of documentation that suggests a hardware problem with the Nexus 4 (aka an LG E960). The problem is not carrier related, SIM card related, or location related. I have changed carriers, changed SIM cards and dropped calls continue to occur randomly in whatever part of the country I am.

Google has been very quick to replace my Nexus 4. In fact, I am on my fourth Nexus 4, and soon to be on a completely different mobile hardware platform.

Here is the problem. During the nearly seven months, I have had the Nexus 4s, I have had no less than 20 customer support people.

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I have emailed and I have called. Each time, it is a different person. Each time, I have had to retell the increasingly longer tale of my challenges with the Nexus 4.

What it seems like is that Google is not in control of its customer support. Google has not demonstrated that it has anyone other than first line support. There is no second or third level support. If Google Play support cannot fix a problem, its resolution is always to replace the unit. If the replacement unit does not work, Google replaces the unit again.

The problem with this approach is that there is no consistency. There does not seem to be anyone who can “own” a problem, and resolve it to its end. This is quite unfortunate and unsatisfactory. Problems will inevitably occur when one company’s hardware (LG) is coupled with software from another company (Google).

Unfortunately, for LG, I must move on to try another hardware platform – Samsung. Hopefully, I will have better luck on the Galaxy S4 platform.