I have spent two days at EMC World 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. As usual for these conferences, there were a plethora of announcements, customer success stories, and meetings with executives. Neuralytix will provide a full analysis of the event after the close of the event.

One message that really stood out was that EMC is singing a slightly different tune, and all the executives and business leaders are singing from the same hymn book! That message is a simple one, but absent from other vendors that consider themselves leaders – customers buy business outcome.

Business outcomes are different to cost savings, or optimization. Business outcomes are very different to selling/consuming solutions. All of these ideas focus on selling and consuming of technology – the infrastructure, the accompanying enterprise software and application, and the associated services.

The focus on selling business outcome demonstrates EMC is looking at helping customers drive business, improve growth and achieving competitive advantage. At Neuralytix, we are honored that EMC marketing engine has been hearing our cries to the IT industry about helping customers drive the top line, and not just focusing on cost/cost savings.

That said, EMC is not abandoning the concept of cost savings. Their new announcements demonstrate their commitment to driving efficiency and cost optimization for its clients.

But it is refreshing to see a market leader finally organizing its selling motion about what technology’s role is – which is to help customers make money!