Donna Taylor joins Neuralytix

Ms. Taylor has over 16 years of experience in the IT industry. She brings with her a diverse skill set and extensive experience in M&A, venture capital, finance, and international tax & transfer pricing.

Ms. Taylor has a background in storage systems, including HDDs and SSDs, and extends to ancillary technologies and delivery models, including cloud, Big Data, converged infrastructures & platforms, data centers, business continuity, and security, as well as governance, risk & compliance.

Ms. Taylor has presented her thought-provoking research to all levels of organizations worldwide. Her research and analytical skills enable her to identify trends and disruptive technologies that have enabled organizations to take advantage of rapidly-changing market conditions, drive growth, and improve their branding as innovative and forward-thinking entities responsive to the needs of current and future customers.

Ms. Taylor has a law degree with a concentration in international corporate law, an MBA in international management, and a BS degree in international finance and multinational business operations.

She is based in Munich, Germany with a deep understanding of the nuances of the EMEA region.

Ms. Taylor can be reached at [email protected].