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SEATTLE and NEW YORK, April 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Virtuozzo, a hyperconverged infrastructure software provider, and Packet, a cloud infrastructure services provider, today announced a new joint offering designed for service providers and enterprises to take advantage of highly cost-effective hyperconverged infrastructure solutions on-demand. Users can now deploy Virtuozzo’s pure software solution for containers, virtual machines and storage in a matter of minutes from the Packet private cloud – with virtually no upfront investment and no long-term commitments for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Virtuozzo brings together the power of containers, virtual machines and the industry’s most flexible storage into a single hyperconverged software solution that enables companies to improve infrastructure performance and reduce costs. Packet brings the cost and performance benefits of public cloud-­style automation to dedicated, physical infrastructure to deliver bare metal server performance from the cloud.

With Virtuozzo delivered by Packet, companies can rapidly deploy hyperconverged solutions to scale into new locations, or add capacity to better serve existing or new customers. Users can take advantage of hourly and monthly billing options to optimize costs, and easily turn on dedicated infrastructure in four global locations via API, web portal or common integrations tools.

“Packet is breaking new ground in the infrastructure as a service market with its ability to deliver bare metal server performance from the cloud – at the lowest possible cost,” said George Karidis, chief executive officer at Virtuozzo. “Combining this new approach with the proven cost and performance benefits of Virtuozzo’s hyperconverged software solution provides companies with a highly cost-effective infrastructure solution in a matter of minutes.”

“Virtuozzo has been a driving force in containers and virtualization for more than a decade, constantly pushing the boundaries of performance with their pure software solutions,” said Zachary Smith, CEO at Packet. “For companies with infrastructure needs that can arise at any moment or immediate opportunities for growth, the combination of Virtuozzo and Packet offers the fastest, most cost-effective way to turn on new resources.”

“Our research shows that companies will increase their reliance on outsourced infrastructure with spending increasing next year and beyond,” said Aaron Sherrill, senior analyst, 451 Research. “With hourly billing and easy access to dedicated hyperconverged infrastructure services, Virtuozzo and Packet are offering an interesting economic model for companies that want to use infrastructure as a service in a cost-efficient way.”

Key features include:

  • Hyperconverged infrastructure on demand with containers, VMs and software-defined storage.
  • High-performance software-defined storage with erasure coding for reduced overhead.
  • Dedicated infrastructure in 4 global locations – Silicon Valley, New York, Amsterdam and Tokyo – deployed via API, web portal or common integrations tools like Terraform or Ansible.
  • Hourly and monthly billing options.
  • 100% dedicated, premium hardware.
  • Redundant 2x10Gbps network.
  • Licensing, networking and all hardware configured automatically.
  • Ability to “Bring Your Own” IP Space (ASN).