Technology Markets

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Application Development

Application development is a fiercely competitive market. We help our clients distinguish their innovations so developers can focus on their core competencies.

Data as a Service (DaaS)

Our firm pioneered research and advisory on how our clients and their customers realize the value of data.

Institutional Investors

Our institutional investor clients rely on the advice of Neuralytix. Time and time again, they tell us that they appreciate our objective, fact-based research and the courage to candidly provide critique founded on reality and not just hype.

Transformative Technologies

Some of our clients provide technologies that are evolutionary; while others focus on new, disruptive, and revolutionary innovations.

Capital & Equity

We partner and advise private equity and venture capital investors from seed to exit.


Datacenter Infrastructure

Datacenter infrastructure is still the mainstay for enterprise customers. Our clients include the leading infrastructure providers in the world.

Internet of Things

While many of our clients focus on core computing technologies, we also advise clients who are focused on edge computing, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT)


Cloud Computing

The dynamics of cloud computing have changed completely. Our comprehensive knowledge of cloud computing enables our clients to make informed decisions.

Enterprise Data Storage

Enterprise data storage is the technology on which we built Neuralytix. We are a leading globally recognized and respected authority on enterprise data storage. Our storage clients encompass the entire spectrum of vendors from startups to the world’s largest storage vendors.


We help startups become market leaders. Many of our clients have gone on to be successful multi-billion dollar publicly listed companies.