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SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Liqid Inc., leading provider of on-demand composable infrastructure (CI) technologies, will introduce and demonstrate the Liqid CI Platform at the Open Compute Project U.S. Summit 2017 (March 8-9, 2017; booth #A13). The Liqid Platform is the first truly open CI solution providing instantly scalable physical on-demand infrastructure for enterprise IT. For the first time, on equipment of their choosing, administrators can deploy Liqid switching fabric technology managed by Liqid software to determine the physical server that meets their needs and instantly compose that solution from disaggregated pools of compute, network and storage components. The Liqid CI Platform exponentially increases business agility by allowing IT administrators to fully automate their infrastructure resources to meet the demands of both legacy and modern software – all this while scaling on-demand to accommodate the latest business critical applications.

“The leading innovators in CI understand that hardware disaggregation is essential to enabling true orchestration of storage, compute, and network elements of today’s digital infrastructure,” said Ben Woo, Principal Analyst for the industry analyst firm Neuralytix. “The companies that build a fabric-based CI solutions utilizing disaggregated bare metal resources will quickly become leaders in this emerging space, delivering the most flexible next-generation methods for agile data engagement.”

Infrastructure provisioning has traditionally been built from the motherboard and chassis paradigm. Users configure servers and deploy a fixed amount of resources for the entirety of the three-year purchase cycle. Alternatively, IT administrators go to cloud providers and pick from a menu of existing static server configurations. Neither of these solutions adequately address the data-intensive environment of the modern enterprise, which must be able to scale resources to incorporate new applications for developers, internal teams and forward-facing customers as rapidly as they are introduced to the marketplace. According to the industry analyst firm IDC, this fixed configuration model results in 75 percent of IT budgets going to operational expenditures for resources that go either underutilized or overtaxed.

The Liqid CI Platform solves the problems and inefficiencies associated with today’s static data center. The platform allows IT administrators to take everything normally attached to a traditional mechanical motherboard and instead utilize the Liqid PCIe switch to inventory and manage standard form-factor server elements such as compute, networking and storage. Once the devices are connected to the switch, users can simply use the Liqid Command Center interface or RESTful API to instantly configure the desired physical servers with the preferred amount of resources to best match the target application. Liqid’s CI Platform gives users the power to provision physical servers in seconds from pools of resources connected to the switch. Physical servers can be dynamically reconfigured on-the-fly with additional resources, or users can simply delete the configuration and the devices can be reclaimed and used for other servers and applications.

Users realize unprecedented flexibility in their infrastructure and are able to access the full power of newly purchased hardware. As a result, enterprise data centers can adapt in real time to application demands instead of being hardwired at the point of purchase. Operational expenses are greatly and predictably reduced because administrators can now compose their infrastructure, on demand, resulting in higher resource utilization and a net TCO savings for the business.

“In the modern data center, traditional IT and the latest business-critical applications are always competing for resources, and static infrastructure is no longer capable of keeping up with these demands. Composable Infrastructure from Liqid delivers the business agility that companies now require, while freeing IT departments from vertically integrated platforms that limit administrators’ abilities to configure a system that works for them, adding to expanding operational expenses without adding value,” said Liqid Chief Executive Officer and Founder Jay Breakstone. “We are proud to debut the Liqid CI Platform at the Open Compute Project U.S. Summit this year, as it is the quintessential venue for showcasing the latest innovations in open systems technologies and a critically important thought leadership forum in data center architecture.”

Liqid has existing OEM partnerships with the world’s largest provider of memory products, Kingston Technology, and cloud computing total solutions provider Inspur. To learn more, contact the Liqid team at [email protected] or visit

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Liqid delivers unprecedented infrastructure agility, marking the next evolution in data center technology. As a global leader in Composable Infrastructure (CI), Liqid’s open platform allows users, either manually or through policy-based automation, to effortlessly manage and configure “physical,” bare-metal server systems in seconds. Liqid’s software and hardware work in harmony allowing users, for the first time, to configure their physical server infrastructure on-the-fly. In this way, Liqid enables organizations to adapt to technological and business changes in real time and fully maximize opportunities in today’s digital economy. For more information, contact the Liqid team at [email protected] or visit Follow Liqid on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.